Customers 20-year old email address shut down

CBC News has a funny and interesting story about Steve Morshead, who got his Email address at Eastlink around 1998. A few days ago he got notice from Eastlink that his current Email address will be deleted completely after 30 days.

Morshead uses his email like anyone else – to communicate with friends, companies, lawyers, banks. Currently he his about to sell his home, so “this couldn’t come at a worse time”.


Problem is the address itself: he registered successfully the account noreply at Morshead said he picked up that address because he wanted an unusual email, which was easy to remind.

Since this type of address is nowadays being used by companies to send out newsletters or activation emails – which are not supposed to be replied by the customer, Eastlink wrote in a statement that this account did not fit their guidelines.

As 20 years of emails sums up to a large pile of data, he asked Eastlink to move his data to another account, so he would still have full access to all old mails an notices. He was surprised about the short and not very helpful answer: No.

“Just flat no. No offers of help. Just the bullying that ‘We’re going to do it, you’re going to take it. That’s it.'”

I wonder if anyone else out there managed to get a private email address like “webmaster” or “nocadmin” at some public email provider.