Flaw in Intel C2000 Chipset series

Ok, we all heard or read that there is a flaw in a series of Intel’s Avoton CPUs. Currently, it seems the only “official” statement is the following quote from The Register:

The well-placed insider, who spoke to The Register on condition of anonymity, said the problem – which results in bricked systems – became apparent to engineers at product makers when the return rate on gear spiked about 18 months ago.

We have a “well-placed insider” who wants to remain anonymous, and based on this everyone starts to blame hardware vendors that do have this Chip installed ? It seems the only official statement at this time from Intel – the guys that produce the CPU itself – is the following:

“AVR54: System May Experience Inability to Boot or May Cease Operation” … “The SoC LPC_CLKOUT0 and/or LPC_CLKOUT1 signals (Low Pin Count bus clock outputs) may stop functioning.”


According to my experience, ANY computer related product may stop functioning without any further warning. According to Intel, C2000 Series seems to have a slightly higher possibility that they may stop functioning. 

Let’s face the truth – those devices out there are runnnig for more than 18 months. Most of them did not fail, otherwise we would have already read about “All units of Series xxx of company yyy are dying after short time of usage” in the usual news.