JDownloader on Synology DSM

This was the day. I wanted to check my downloads over the night, and connection to my DS916+ took ages. Luckily I had SSH open, so I logged into and checked processes.

Wow – average load of 58, seemed to be related to a running VirtualDSM process. Ok, for fast solution, shut all down. After load was back stable, power back one after the other.

First tried to check my JDownloader Virtual instance – no login available? Tried SSH – login OK. dmesg? lots of terminated processes. df -h? Aha!

Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1 1998672 1982288 0 100% /
none 507380 0 507380 0% /dev
/tmp 511816 1036 510780 1% /tmp
/run 511816 1568 510248 1% /run

Ok, thanks to some guys to create a JDownloader inofficial app – but, hey guys, why do you allow default logs to fill up system partition?

My fast long-term solution:

rm /var/log/JDownloader.log

ln -sf /dev/null /var/log/JDownloader.log

This will redirect all new JDownloader logs to /dev/null, keeping my system partition stable.