Pirates of the Caribbean: Disney blackmailed


Seems that some Hackers were able to get a copy of the upcoming PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie, trying to blackmail Disney to  release the movie on internet.


This is a rather new kind of blackmail. It is not the first movie published by hackers before it’s actually in cinemas – I can remember of some TV series (long before the Netflix hack) being spread on the internet before it was aired, more than 10 years ago.

In this case, the hacker try to get a big (unknown) bunch of money from Disney, instead of releasing the movie to the public.

Stolen from small company

Eventually the movie was stolen from one of the many smaller companies working on it, as Disney itself run a security system of a very high level.

Disney, let them publish

Disney should simply let them go. As I wrote, it’s not the first movie published early, and it will not be the last one. And if it’s really a blockbuster, an early release might even push more people to the cinemas, allowing them to see the movie on a big 3D screen.