WannaCry: next round on the way

According to some reports, a new version of WannaCry that does ignore the yesterday registered Domain has been found in the wild. The new version seems to be same to the previous, but will most likely not being stopped.

New infections tomorrow

As lots of PCs are off due to weekend, several experts expect a second flow of infections on Monday morning – when lots of computers are powered on in companies worldwide. Secondly they also expect new versions of the ransomware the very next days.  By now, approx 150 different variants of the ransomware have been detected.

Only 40.000 US$ income by now

By now only few people payed the money to release their data – compared to the very high amount of infected machine worldwide. This might be due to several big companies affected, which mostly run a good backup strategy allowing them to simply reset their machines. As the bitcoins wallets are known, it’s easy to check them all for current the income.